Results of the survey of ORIC fellows on the Net

Here you are ! You have found the right page . You own a PASE adaptor ,but the Oric's games fitted to use it, are so rare, that you use it only once every ten years ! Well, this page should make you happy .

You will find behind these few links ,the way to modify your games by yourself, so that you will, at last, use your joystick. If you prefer, you can directly download the modified games. These files, once unziped, are image-disc, playable with Euphoric. But the pleasure to play with a joystick will only be there on a real Oric. That's why I advise you to transfer files on a SEDORIC disc via WRITEDISK.

You can also find a "paper" version of these texts in the CEO MAG , monthly magazine published by Club Europe Oric...

I last have to apologize, because none of the following pages have been english translated... But it was really a too difficult job for me.

Shoot Again !
Invaders !
Styx !
3D-Fongus !
Gubbie !
Probe-3 !
Xenon 1 !
Zorgon's revenge !
Mr Wimpy !
Super jeep !
Orion !
Chopper !
Le trident de Neptune !
Defense force !
Fire flash !
The Ultra !
Hu-bert !
Mushroom Mania !
Insect Insanity !
Hellion !
Manic Miner !
Ratsplat !
Scuba Dive !
Ghost Gobbler !

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